Once you decide to apply you must do so by completing the attached Occupational Limited License Petition form DL-15. An Affidavit Form is attached to this petition. You may start the process of completing it while awaiting to receive your limited license camera card. Proof of Insurance must be sent for all vehicles listed above. NOTE This petition must be mailed to the address listed on the DL-15 and will not be accepted or processed at any PennDOT Driver License Centers. DL-15 10-18...
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welcome to part one in the guide of occupational limited license for Pennsylvania application and instructions youll see on the screen here we have step one of the completing the occupational limited license this is the most important step these are the disqualifying offenses or the offenses that if you are found guilty of any of these following offenses you are not eligible for the occupational license Im constantly asked what violations or do I qualify or how do I qualify well this is part one youll see the violations passing a school bus racing on highways homicide by vehicle fleeing a police officer driving without lights homicide by vehicle due to a DUI reckless driving its a pretty big violation I get asked that question a lot if youre hit with a 3736 you are no longer qualified for an occupational limited license and that violation does carry an automatic six months of suspension time with it if youre involved in an accident involving death or injury if youve left the scene of an accident or driving under the influence none of you are not eligible for an occupational license with some exceptions for driving under the influence where it is your first offense or a second offense with a certain low blood-alcohol level you may be eligible its best to contact someone give us a call six 10 three five five nine six zero zero youll be able to find out more information about the driving under the influence occupational limited license for a first-time offense or certain situations on a second-time offense the other violations that are disqualifying offenses are if you fail to respond to a citation if you owe money or if you owe tickets you do not qualify for an occupational limited license thats it driving while suspended you may get an occupational limited license if youve had one driving under suspension violation 15 43 if youve had more than one odds are that youre not going to qualify but you should contact us to find out for sure 1547 refusal to commit to submit to a chemical test if you get hit with one year suspension for free fusible to submit to a DUI test breath or blood then you cannot qualify for an occupational license and finally failure maintain financial responsibility 1786 no insurance if you get hit with a ticket for no insurance you do not qualify for the occupational limited license if you have any other questions please head over to license restoration comm or give us a call and find out more thank you